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In this Wildlife Photograph Development Video Tutorial edition I go through my entire wildlife photograph editing workflow from start to finish. I explain & demonstrate everything from the develop panel in Lightroom to advanced Photoshop work including smart objects, luminosity selections, masking, dodging & burning, selective editing, fine-art black & white techniques and web sharpening to name a few.

23 chapters in 2 modules spanning over 3 hours of video includes theories covered in a casual but informative way. By no means are these videos a complete guide on how to use the software I use, the videos purely describe how I implement them to create a workflow best suited to a wildlife photographer. Below are two before and after comparisons on what can be achieved by implementing the techniques I demonstrate in this tutorial series. Scroll down for more information.

Baobab Trio
Baobab Trio
Baobab Trio

The tutorial series is broken down into two different modules in respective video chapters below. Total running time 2:56:10.

Module 1 - RAW in Lightroom
1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - Basic
1.3 - Tone Curve
1.4 - HSL
1.5 - Split Toning
1.6 - Detail
1.7 - Lens Corrections, Effects & Camera Calibration
1.8 - Lightroom Tools
1.9 - Adjustment Tools
1.10 - RAW Process #1
1.11 - RAW Process #2
1.12 - Black & White
1.13 - Export

Module 2 - Photoshop
2.1 - Smart Objects & Reasons To Use Photoshop
2.2 - Dodging & Burning
2.3 - Layers, Masks & Adjustment Layers
2.4 - Luminosity Masks
2.5 - Loading & Creating Actions
2.6 - Working With Selections & Dodge/Burn Example
2.7 - Selective Sharpening & Noise Reduction
2.8 - RAW Process #2 Follow On
2.9 - Full Workflow Walkthrough
2.10 - Sharpening For Web & Saving

A basic understanding of Lightroom and Photoshop is an advantage when viewing these videos, but not entirely necessary.

Unfortunately no information is given in regards to processing .jpg image files, this is a RAW image file tutorial only.

Total download size for the Wildlife Photograph Development Video Tutorial series is 1.48gb.

Being a digital downloaded product, I cannot offer any refunds on any purchases. Videos are recorded in English and are supplied as 1280x720 resolution H.264 codec .mp4 video files and will play in most media players.