African Night Sky

One of my favorite, yet challenging forms of photography I love to do is photograph the night sky. I am fascinated with the stars, the mysterious concept of what we look at during nightfall is unbelievable. Life feels so insignificant when try and comprehend the enormity of the universe.

A destination which lends itself to great night photography is Kubu Island in Botswana. The mysterious landscape almost mimics the fascination I have for the night sky, wondering how it was formed in such a desolate place. The baobabs are the main attraction of this magnificent landscape in the heart of the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana.

Another very popular location for night sky photography is the Quiver Tree Forest in Keetmanshoop in Namibia. The Quiver Tree (although not a tree but a very large Aloe) is another mysteriously shaped subject to photograph against the burning night sky.

Not far from the southern Namibian town of Keetmanshoop lies the Richtersveld National Park / Ais-Ais and Fish River Canyon. Here, the skies are dark and a magnificent landscape just begs to be photographed at night.

As you may have noticed there is a very large re-occuring theme with my night images... Trees! I guess trees just work well under the night sky, and it's also a lot easier to light paint a protruding element rather than a flat landscape. Here are two more tree images, this time from the Kalahari and Mashatu respectively.

To finish off this African Night Sky project, here is another tree image under the burning Milky way, followed by two more captured in the Drakensberg mountains.