Zimanga - African Wild Dogs

Over the years I have spent some good time at the Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa, with great opportunities to photograph the endangered African Wild Dog. This portfolio of images however is made up of work from one 3-day trip, a trip that produced exceptional sightings and experiences.

Zimanga, in KwaZulu Natal, is the first reserve in Africa designed for avid safari enthusiasts whilst simultaneously satisfying the needs of modern wildlife photographers of any level, both who prefer a deeper appreciation of the bush and crave an unhurried exclusive experience. If you are a photographer, you absolutely have to see Zimanga for yourself. See Zimanga's website here for detailed info on this incredible destination.

I would like to also extend my thanks to Charl Senekal, the owner of Zimanga for the genirosity he has shown towards me and my family on our trips to Zimanga. I cannot wait to return, and Charl, the next beer is on me!