Driven by a passion to capture unique moments, fleeting light, breathtaking landscapes and fulfilling the desire to explore the wilderness areas of Africa, I endeavour to evoke an emotion through my photography and portray the essence of a beautiful continent I call home. Born with an appreciation for the outdoors, I thrive on photographic exploration in search of unique perspectives on our natural world. I am a landscape and wildlife photographer from Johannesburg in South Africa and license photographs and sell prints worldwide.


Vibrant, contrasty and detailed edits bring photographs to life, adding value to that special moment captured. I can show you step by step how to develop your digital landscape and wildlife photographs, a full workflow from start to finish making sure of a professional edit they deserve. Click here for more information on these video tutorials.

From The Blog

Jun 7: April 2016 Drakensberg Amphitheatre Hike

The story behind a wonderful 3 nights spent high up on the Drakensberg escarpment, hiking and photographing the dramatic grandeur of the rugged landscape.

Feb 22: Photoshop Tutorial – Fixing a blown out sun

In landscape photography, we are often presented with many challenges when capturing high dynamic range scenes. Shooting into the sun is the focus of this Photoshop technique, and it can be used when the sun creates an ugly blown out spot on the horizon. I often find myself shooting into the sun, and I use this technique to make the “sun-spot” more pleasing.

Dec 10: SIRUI PH-20 Gimbal & W-2204 Tripod Review

SIRUI is not a brand I was very familiar with, until introduced by Willem Foster from SunshineCo. in South Africa. He asked if I would test out some new equipment for them. I obliged, as I love trying out new gear and I was intrigued to see what SIRUI was all about.

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